Fallon Does


Poster for TEN TOES DOWN, 1-layer screen print on colored paper (A2), 2019

Poster for NANTING (A3), 2019

Folded poster for ‘The PLOT TWIST Squeeze’ (zine & event), risograph print (A3), 2019

Illustration for TERRY BLEU’s risograph color chart, 2019

Illustration for CIGALE’s website (art direction: FRANÇOIS GIRARD-MEUNIER), 2019

Website design and development for record shop 3345, 2019

Garment label design for KINDA SLEEPWEAR, 2019

Album design for Haron’s Wandelaar released on Queeste, 2019

Publication for film event WYSIWYG: MORE WAYS OF SEEING during TodaysArt, edition of 400, silk screen print (B2), 2018

Folded publication for film event WYSIWYG (A3), 2018

(download .pdf)

Logo for music label QUEESTE, 2018

Event poster for Différence et Répétition (A3), 2018

DVD/CD design for music and video art compilation UNKNOWN SOURCES & DISBELIEF for HIDDEN VALLEY LOGGING COMPANY, 2018

Totebag design for KINDA SLEEPWEAR, 2018

Logo for 3345 (typeface: La Nord by RAOUL GOTTSCHLING), 2018

Flyer for event with Courtesy in Vancouver (A6), 2017

Selection of personalised e-cards from a series of 72, reward for a contribution to my fundraiser ‘A new laptop for Fallon’, 2017

The noob, the bigot, and the star, GRADUATION PROJECT, mixed media installation, 2017

Gerrit Rietveld Academie Graduation Show national campaign made together with LEONIE HENNICKE and BRENT DAHL, 2017

Logo for music label MANA RECORDS, 2016

Exhibition design for (UN)COMMON VIEWS part of Rietveld Uncut at de Brakke Grond, 2016


Fallon Does (Zaandam, 1992)
BA in Art and Design (Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, 2017)

Graphic designer

E-mail hi@fallondo.es
Instagram @fallondoes & Twitter @fallondoes